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Trat Province

Short Facts

Name: Changwat Trat
Area: About 2,819 km²
Inhabitants: About 220,000
Location: East Thailand, next to the Gulf of Thailand.
Capital: Trat
Neighboring provinces: En (1): Chanthaburi. It also borders to Cambodia.
Amphoe / Districts: Bo Rai, Khao Saming, Khlong Yai, Ko Chang, Ko Kut, Laem Ngop, Mueang Trat.
Popular tourist destinations: Koh Chang, Koh Chang Nationalpark, Ao Tan Khu, Koh Maak, Koh Kut, Koh Kradad, Koh Pui, Kai Bae Beach and Wat Muang Kao Saen Tum.

About Trat

At Thailand's east coast (northern Siam bay), one finds the relatively small province of Trat. Cambodia is next-door neighbor to the east, and many who travel between the countries select to cross the border here. The climate here can be described as pleasant as it often is slightly cooler than in the southern provinces.

Trat has rich fishing waters and consists of 52 islands. One of these is the popular tourist destination Koh Chang. The island is one of Thailand's largest and directly translated the name means Elephant Island. From the mainland, you'll reach this island after about half an hour from the mainland.

Koh Chang inland graze out covered mountains while the coast is largely lined with long beaches. On the island's west coast there are plenty of restaurants, resorts and bungalows. The east side is sparsely populated and well-suited for those who prefer to live and holiday a little more individual.

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Koh Chang is a beautiful and to the surface fairly large island, which became popular as a tourist destination during the mid-nineties. Still, one can find very calm and in almost idyllic beaches on the elephant Island.

Remembrance Day over the Battle of Koh Chang is held in mid-January and then implements the Thai navy, together with other authorities, a five-day show. The feast is held in memory of the soldiers who fell just on this day in 1941. During the Battle stricken French and Thai naval forces off the coast of Trat.

Ao Tan Khu is a bay with a beautiful sandy beach which is located on the mainland. During the general Thai public holidays is this beach frequently visited by vacationing in Thais.

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