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Sakon Nakhon Province

Short Facts

Name: Changwat Sakon Nakhon
Area: About 9,606 km²
Inhabitants: About 1,100,000
Location: North-East Thailand (Isan)
Capital: Sakon Nakhon
Neighboring provinces: Five (5): Nong Khai, Nakhon Phanom, Mukdahan, Kalasin and Udon Thani.
Amphoe / Districts: Akat Amnuai, Ban Muang, Charoen Sin, Kham Ta Kla, Khok Si Suphan, Kusuman, Kut Bak, Mueang Sakon Nakhon, Nikhom Nam Un, Phanna Nikhom, Phang Khon, Phon Na Kaeo, Phu Phan, Sawang Daen Din, Song Dao, Tao Ngoi, Wanon Niwat, Waritchaphum.
Popular tourist destinations: The museum of Archan Man Purithattha Thera, Phu Phan Rajanivet Palace, Phu Phan National Park, Freshwater Fish Aquarium and Sakon Nakhon Cultural Centre.

About Sakon Nakhon

The Isan area's northwestern part, 600 km from the capital, you will find the city and province of Sakon Nakhon. Phu Phan mountain chain runs through the province and in its forest areas are several temples used to separate meditation. Outside the city center the Phu Thai tribe still lives according to old traditions. Besides the original dresses that the tribe is known for building miniature castles of wax.

Just outside the city you find the Nong Han lake. The lakes largest island, Don Sawan, is easily reached by boat from the mainland and is a popular target for relaxation and recreation.

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Phra That Choeng Chuma is a 24 meter high monument inside the city limits. The triangular-shaped construction are from a religious point of view very high appreciated by the local people.

Phu Phan National Park is a natural area about 25 kilometers outside the city. Although there is plenty of spectacular cliffs and lush marsh areas the park is most famous for its two waterfalls, Tat Ton and Kham Hom.

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