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About Living and Property

The most common way to stay a long time in Thailand, is probably to rent an apartment or a house. Normally there are no problems involved, if the rent is paid in time and you are cautious with the furnishings and the building.

A foreigner or a foreign company are not allowed to own any interest in land in Thailand, but there are a few exceptions. One example is a company approved by BOI, The Board of Investment, can own land for the company's purposes. A foreigner that invests at least 40 million Baht, can also own up to 1 rai (1600 square meters) used for personal living.

It is also possible to own a condominium unit, a Condominium Ownership. But foreigners also have other options if they want to stay a long time in Thailand or even more or less permanent.

One of the most common procedures is that a Thai partner, if the foreigner has one, is registered as the owner of the land. But the foreigner will then have no legal interest in this property.

Cheap in Thailand

  Living in a simple house or apartment
  Thai food
  Eating out in restaurants
  Mopeds and light motorcycles
  Renting mopeds and light motorcycles
  Accommodation in rural areas
  Clothing and footwear
  Traveling by bus or train
  Subway and Skytrain
  Visiting a dentist
  Go to a movie
  Local spirits

Rather Cheap in Thailand

  Cars manufactured in Thailand
  Pickup trucks
  Hotels in tourist areas and in Bangkok
  Electronics, computers and cameras
  Go and see Thaiboxing
  Electricity (electricity bill)
  Locally produced beer
  Brand watches

Rather Expensive in Thailand

  Imported cars with large engines
  Used cars
  Sunscreen and after-sun
  Imported foods
  Imported alcohol products
  Imported candies and snacks
  Luxury consumption in general
  Accommodation of very high standard
  Books in languages other than Thai

Lamai Beach at Koh Samui Island

Companies and foreigners are also allowed to lease land for a period of 30 years, which can be extended for another 30 years. The local land office, or korm ti din in Thai, has to be informed, and approve the agreement within three years to make it valid.

In principle, a company that is owned by at least 51% by Thais, can own land in Thailand, but in practice the land office will probably reject the transfer of land if foreigners owns more of 39% of the shares in the company.

The prices for land varies a lot in Thailand. Land in attractive destinations can be very expensive nowadays. Beach land and properties in popular tourist destinations, or land in major cities as Bangkok and Chiang Mai are such examples. But in smaller towns and in the countryside of Thailand, you will often find the prices of land and property really low, compared internationally.

Small island outside Thongsala, Koh Phangan

Land Certificates

A true land title certificate issued by the provincial land office are called Chanote or Nor Sor 4 Jor. This is the most "safe" land deed, and it is measured with GPS and has been marked by numbered concrete signs in nature.

Nor Sor 3 and Nor Sor 3 Gor are also land certificates as show who is the owner of a specific plot or land area. Nor Sor 3 Gor is the more detailed and "safe" certificate.

Other land certificates and definitions exists and it is of course important to know about all conditions when you are going to buy land in Thailand. If you are in any doubt, consult a lawyer with good knowledge of land titles and legal issues, or the provincial land office.

Taxi in Chaweng

Thai Land Measurements

  1 Talang Wah = 4 square meters
  1 Ngarn = 400 square meters
  1 Rai = 1600 square meters

  1 Acre = 2,5 Rai
  1 Hectare = 6,25 Rai

Tips if you Stay Long

1. Visa - A Non Immigrant Visa or a Double/Triple Entry Tourist Visa is good for ex pats and "long stayers". Read more in the Visa section

2. Economy - If your economy is limited, it is good to have a budget to be able to see how much you can spend per day. It is not fun ending up with no money in Thailand.

3. Vaccinations - Three injections with Twinrix will protect you against Hepatitis A for at least 20 years and for at least 5 years against Hepatitis B. Make sure you are vaccinated against tetanus. Please consult a doctor for further advice.

4. Safety:

4a. Drive carefully! The traffic in Thailand is intense. Use a crash helmet if you are driving a motorbike and do never drink and drive.

4b. Make sure that your drinking water is of good quality and drink a lot of it so you don't get dehydrated.

4c. Protect yourself from mosquito bites so you do not catch dengue fever or malaria (it is still exists in some parts of the country).

4d. If you get a wound, take care of it (also small ones) Use a mild soap and disinfected water. Afterwards iodine etc. can be wise to use. Infections are rather common in a tropical climate.

4e. Avoid big jellyfishes and do not step on sharp corals while swimming.

4f. Use a lot of protecting sun screen while sunbathing. Be sure to have have a valid insurance if you should end up in an accident or get sick.

4g. Install a good burglar alarm and use good door and window locks if you live in a house. Keep your values and money as safe as possible.

5. Alcohol - It can be wise to be a little moderate with drinking alcohol wherever in the world you are. Some people who move to Thailand tends to drink more than in their home countries. Partying is fun, but to drink frequently, for a long time can be bad for anyone's health.

6. Work - Be sure that you have a work permit, so you will not find yourself in any trouble with Immigration authorities or the police. Give your business ideas a thought before you decide to start a company.

7. The language - Learn at least the basics about speaking Thai. There are schools and individuals, where you can study the Thai language at a reasonable price.

Houses on Koh Samui island

Detail of a quality home

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