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Khon Kaen Province

Short Facts

Name: Changwat Khon Kaen
Area: About 10,886 km²
Inhabitants: About 1,800,000
Location: North-East Thailand (Isan)
Capital: Khon Kaen
Neighboring provinces: Nine (9): Buriram, Chaiyaphum, Kalasin, Loei, Maha Sarakham, Nakhon Ratchasima, Nongbua Lamphu, Phetchabun and Udon Thani.
Amphoe / Districts: Ban Fang, Ban Haet, Ban Phai, Chonnabot, Chum Phae, Khao Suan Kwang, Khok Pho Chai, Kranuan, Mancha Khiri, Mueang Khon Kaen, Nam Phong, Non Sila, Nong Na Kham, Nong Ruea, Nong Song Hong, Phon, Phra Yuen, Phu Pha Man, Phu Wiang, Pueai Noi, Sam Sung, Si Chomphu, Ubolratana, Waeng Noi, Waeng Yai.
Popular tourist destinations: Phu Phan Kham National Park, Bung Kaen Nakhon, Phu Wiang National Park, Tham Pha Puang Forest Park, Ubolrat Dam, Pha Nok Khao, Khon Kaen National Museum.

About Khon Kaen

University city of Khon Kaen is often regarded as Isan-metropolitan area, as well as the region's development center. Khon Kaen is located approximately 450 kilometers north-east of Bangkok and relations with the capital, as well as the rest of the country, is good.

50 km from the city lies north-eastern Thailand's largest dam, Ubolrat dam. The area around the 32 meter high and 800-meter long construction, is suitable for accommodation and recreation. Besides Ubolrat you find several national and natural parks that are suitable for jungle-trekking and camping.

Silk Products are among the province's traditional crafts and at the end of November each year a seven day long silk festival is held. You can also witness beauty contests and demonstrations in the art of quick but correct produce the unique clothes.

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Khon Kaen National Museum is the region's largest museum and hold demonstrations and exhibits of ancient objects.

Mu Ban Tao or the turtles village as it is often called, takes its name from the large number of yellowish-brown turtles or Phek Tao, who live in and around the village.

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