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Thailand - Hotels & Accommodation

Types of Accommodations

Thailand offers a very wide range of hotels, motels, guesthouses and resorts and the rates are very reasonable. A room in a basic guesthouse is about 300 Baht and a hotel room with air conditioning starts from about 700 Baht a night. There are not that many countries in the world that offers better prices on accommodation than Thailand.

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The Best Hotels in Thailand

We have listed the resorts and hotels which have been awarded with the highest ratings from its guests.

  The hotels in Thailand with the best ratings

The High and Peak Season

NOTE! During high season (especially from December to May, with a peak around Christmas and New Year), many popular hotels and resorts in Thailand gets fully booked. It might be wise to book via the internet in advance.

Inside Oriental Hotel in Bangkok

Hotel Standards and Rates

  The cheapest bungalows and rooms in guesthouses offer just a small bed, table fan and sometimes a mosquito net. The rates starts from 300-400 Baht a night.

  A simple hotel room usually has a simple bathroom, shower (sometimes with warm water) and a fan. The rates starts from about 700 Baht a night.

  A middle-class hotel often has air conditioning, warm water, a small TV, bathtub and a mini bar. (You'll have to pay for what you've been drinking and eating when checking out from the hotel). The rates starts from about 1200 Baht a night. Breakfast is often included.

  A first class hotel or suite often has a balcony, panorama window, jacuzzi or a large bathtub, DVD player, satellite TV, king size bed and a sofa or a furniture suite. The rates starts from about 4000 Baht a night.

Your Personal Safety

It is wise to leave your values in the hotel safety box before you leave your room. It is often found in the reception, or in your room. If your belongings are stolen from your room, it is not common that the hotel will compensate you. Lock your room with the safety chain (if there is one) before you go to sleep.

Swiming in the pool

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A room in a boutique hotel

Checklist for Accommodation

We have compiled a checklist that hopefully can help you when you are about to choose your accommodation in Thailand:

1. Do you like to cool off in a swimming pool during your holiday? Then it's obvious to choose a hotel or resort that has one (or more) pools.

2. Are you a beach person? If that's the case, it is beneficial if the accommodation is situated close to or just next to the beach.

3. Do you use your room mainly for sleeping? In this case, a budget accommodation is normally fully adequate.

4. Do you like to watch sports, English-speaking films and the BBC, CNN etc. on your vacation? Then you should of choose an accommodation that offers satellite TV.

5. Is breakfast included in the total price? What type of breakfast served?

6. The hotel offers transportation to and from the airport, shopping malls and piers etc.?

7. Does the hotel or resort have one or more restaurants? Do they serve the food that you really enjoy?

8. Is the accommodation centrally located, or not? What do you prefer?

9. Is the rooms equipped with a safety box, where you can store your valuables?

10. Have you been reading other people's reviews on the hotel? And if so, were they positive or negative?

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